ANTI-AGING FACIAL SCRUB - Facial Expressions

$ 39.00 $ 56.00

After many hours of research we are proud to release "Facial Expressions" our new anti aging facial scrub and treatment. With our product's powerful blend of natural plant derivitives and essential oils that include frankincense, myrrh, carrot seed oil and many more you'll see the results! Whether you want to encourage cellular repair, collagen production, elasticity, or just simply gently exfoliate and hydrate your facial skin at the same time, Facial Expressions* is for you! It is recommended for all skin types and ages and is safe for daily use like all Sugar Sisters Scrubs. This blend is specially designed specifically for the face and decolotte area. 

Available in a beautiful 4 oz jar - pictures coming soon!!

"Facial Expressions" (*formerly known as Saving Face)