Sugar Sisters Organic Body Wash, organic, non-irritating, body wash, clean feeling body wash, body wash


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Yes, we listened to our customers.  We now have a truly amazing organic body wash available in all of our signature scents.  Aloe vera, low sudsing but very rich and cleansing.  Leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.  Give it a try now!  8 oz size only.

Try one of our amazing signature scents!

  • Honeydew Me Right - an amazing scent of honeydew and strawberries with a hint of coconut (yes we changed the name only!)
  • High Maintenance - sweet apples and pomegranates combine to create this popular soft scent
  • Pink Teddy - a soft, feminine, and sweet raspberry-inspired scent
  • Afternoon Delight - a fun and playful blend of spa-inspired lemongrass scents
  • Underage - melon, rose, and Japanese grapefruit scents with a hint of youth
  • Common Sutra - ginger and bergamot combine to create this sultry scent 
  • Daydreamin' - a blend of warm vanilla and pure lavender scent that will take you away
  • Will You Berry Me? - a delicious juniper berry and fir
  • You Mint The World To Me - an inviting aroma of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary, great for sinus headaches and congestion 
  • Pillow Talk - sensual yling ylang makes you want to pillow talk
  • Black Tie - this one is for the guys, the sugar scrub with a manly crisp and clean aroma featuring sandalwood, cashmere woods and cedar
  • It's Complicated - passion lily with grapefruit, sweet orange and lime for a clean fresh scent 
  • Formali-tease - another scent the guys will love with dark musk, sandalwood and cedar
  • Falling for You - warm vanilla sugar with caramel apple