About Us


Welcome to Sugar Sisters! As our name suggests, we are a team of sisters who were inspired to create a sweeter, natural line of skincare products. Between the three of us, we have more than 30 years combined experience in the cosmetic and beauty industry. As we sold some of the most expensive, popular brand name products, we learned a lot about the best ingredients to achieve a healthy glow.

Putting our expertise and passion to work, Sugar Sisters small business was born with the dream of creating the best natural, handmade cosmetics right here in Oklahoma to compete with big competitors. We create effective, affordable products that are perfectly sweet and made with the best all-natural ingredients. After all, life’s a little sweeter with sugar in it!

Meet Rachel

My love for skin care and scent started at a young age and it’s an industry that I have always been passionate about. I started fragrance modeling at a young age, attended cosmetology school, and continued into makeup artistry where I worked for most of the big names that you see at department store makeup counters.

After years of working for other skin care brands, I came to my sisters with the bold idea of making an affordable, high quality product of our own. From selling, testing, and marketing other brand products, I knew that not every expensive product did what it promised. At Sugar Sisters, it’s my dream that every product delivers the best fragrance and feel.