About Us


Sugar Sisters was created by three sisters and born of their love for skin care, beauty, and fashion. 
Michel, Rachel, and Leah have over 30 combined years in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Selling some of the most expensive products on the market has given them a chance to learn which products work in real life to maintain beautiful skin. Surprisingly they also learned that some of the most expensive products were the least beneficial for healthy skin. So the three sisters decided to make a better product for a lower price than their big business competitors and make it in Oklahoma, their home state. Along came Sugar Sisters LLC! Get to know the sisters of the family-owned and operated Sugar Sisters:


Michel Eisenhour - Sugar Sister #1

I began my exciting career as an eager fragrance model back in 1997 working for Boucheron. Later I worked for Calvin Klein, LancomeOrigins, and many other name brand companies. I was the Oklahoma City Christian Dior sales rep who began freelance makeup artistry and launched the fragrance Jadore. I also traveled as an Account Executive with Borghese, working 6 states with 24 stores. For the sake of family life I got off the road, but I never left the love of body products and scents.

Scent is such a personal thing. I have always loved body products and scents and find that matching the perfect scent for the right person is both challenging and rewarding. I want people to like what they wear. I see how a person can go from "blah" to looking confident and loved. That's why Sugar Sisters means so much to me. I have seen what works, what doesn't, and I have brought this experience to the company. I want scents that last, don't over-power, and are high-quality - something for everyone! I get to work with my sisters and make people feel beautiful. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do because your skin will never smell so sweet!

Rachel Christianson - Sugar Sister #2

I am so grateful to be in an industry I love because I'm passionate about helping people look and feel their absolute best. All my life I've enjoyed helping women and men feel better about themselves and their appearance. I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry and at a young age I started fragrance modeling which led into makeup artistry. I worked for most of the big names you'll see at the Department Stores. I also attended Cosmetology school where I specialized in hair color and...you guessed it; skin care!

After years of working to promote the skin care lines of other companies, my sisters and I said "Why don't we combine our knowledge and skills and make an affordable and high quality product for people ourselves?" We knew not every expensive product used the best ingredients or performed as desired. So Sugar Sisters was born out of this desire; to provide a high quality skin care line that really helps the user without breaking the bank. 

Leah Owens - Sugar Sister #3

As a former make up Artist for Chanel cosmetics, I love helping people look and feel their best. Working as a vendor to promote GucciLacoste, and other name brand fragrances, I always wondered if I was just selling the name as much as I was selling a quality product. One thing that I love about Sugar Sisters is there are no limitations on layering the products together. I am a total fragrance junkie. I love wearing and using it all: the Body Exfoliator, the Body Butter, and the Body Mist. It's never too much!

I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my young daughter and husband. In addition to my love for helping people look and feel their best, I am passionate about language and reading. I am thrilled with the early success of Sugar Sisters, and like my sisters I want this company to continue growing without compromising the quality of the product. 

Sugar Sisters would not be possible without our mother, Lauren Honeywell, who has been supportive since the beginning.

"We want to bring a smile to your face with the names of our scents, our designer packaging, and most importantly our amazing products! We hope you love Sugar Sisters handmade products as much as we do.

After all, life's a little sweeter with sugar in it!"    - The Sugar Sisters