Dip Your Wick Candle Co

The Sugar Sisters started Dip Your Wick Candle Co in response to a clients needs. We have a background in hand crafting small batch all natural skin care and a client asked if we thought we could translate that knowledge over into candle making. 

We assumed if we educated ourselves then we could probably do that! We had a year of research, trial and error. Once we found the right blend and we were satisfied that the end product met our high standers, we successfully launch the DYW Candle Co! 

We apply the same principles that we do with our bath and body items using the best ingredients, of soy and paraffin and the highest concentrations of pure undiluted oil possible. What we created is a clean burning hand crafted candle that delivers. 

We began to expand our line by offering other beautifully created products such as our reed diffuser set and wax melts to name a few. There are more new products and scents in the works. 

We love creating new beautiful fragrances to enhance our clients lives. We love creating sense so much that we work with clients to create their own signature scent!

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