$ 26.00

Sugar Sisters Body Scrubs soften your skin with fine sugars and essential oils. 

Our sugar body scrubs are made with all natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, and never tested on animals. Our sugar scrubs contain no fillers and are free of parabens, nitro musk, phthalate and formaldehyde. Sugar Sisters body scrubs are also made with fine sugars that gently exfoliate the skin before dissolving, leaving the essential oils to soak in. Your skin will feel soft and silky, not greasy! The Full Body Exfoliator Sugar Scrub is non-corrosive, meaning our ingredients will completely dissolve and won't clog your pipes, unlike other salt and sugar scrubs on the market. 

Ingredients and scent descriptions:

Sugar Sisters Full Body Exfoliator is manufactured in Oklahoma, all-natural, and handmade with fine sugars, glycerin, preservatives, essential fragrance oils, and the following high quality essential oils:


  • Grape Seed Oil - boosts skin's regenerative properties
  • Coconut Oil - allows skin to maintain moisture naturally
  • Sweet Almond Oil - rich in omegas, Vitamin E, and nutrient rich lipids
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil - repairs and hydrates the skin naturally
  • Choose from our wide variety of refreshing scents of the Full Body Exfoliator Sugar Scrub:


    • Honeydew Me Right- an amazing scent of honeydew and strawberries with a hint of coconut (yes, we changed the name only!)
    • High Maintenance - sweet apples and pomegranates combine to create this popular soft scent
    • Pink Teddy - a soft, feminine, and sweet raspberry-inspired scent
    • Afternoon Delight - a fun and playful blend of spa-inspired lemongrass scents
    • Underage - melon, rose, and Japanese grapefruit scents with a hint of youth
    • Common Sutra - ginger and bergamot combine to create this sultry scent 
    • Daydreamin' - a blend of warm vanilla and pure lavender scent that will take you away
    • Will You Berry Me? - a delicious juniper berry with fir scent
    • You Mint The World To Me - an inviting aroma of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary, great for sinus headaches and congestion 
    • Pillow Talk - sensual yling ylang makes you want to pillow talk
    • Black Tie - this one is for the guys, the sugar scrub with a manly crisp and clean aroma of sandalwood, cashmere woods and cedar
    • It's Complicated - passion lily with grapefruit, sweet orange and lime for a clean fresh scent 
    • Formali-tease - another scent the guys will love with dark musk, cedar and sandalwood
    • Falling for You - warm vanilla sugar with caramel apple