Sugar & the Diet

Sugar’s Role in Food

Think beyond sweetness.

Sugar can give foods the sweet taste we know and love—but there’s much more to it.

Sugar is a special ingredient that provides sweetness and so much more. Have you been surprised to find it in foods that don’t necessarily taste sweet? There’s a reason. Sugar has many functional properties that range from balancing acidity or adding bulk to preventing spoilage. It’s been used in recipes for generations, often for reasons that have little to do with its sweet flavor.

See why sugar is an important ingredient in some of our favorite foods.


There is no substitute for sugar.

With all these valuable functions, sugar can’t simply be replaced by another single ingredient. Its versatility is unmatched—and that’s just one of the reasons why we love sugar.

Sugar & the Diet
Sugar & the Diet

Facts About Sugar Intake

For the past 20 years, added sugars consumption has been on a significant decline in the United States.

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Sugar 101

Sugar Uses Beyond Sweetness and Food

Sugar is also used in the production of medication, bioplastics and more. Explore the many uses of sugar.

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