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There's more to sugar.

Sugar beet and sugar cane farmers are growing nature’s oldest sweetener, and our association is growing awareness of and confidence in sugar.

The Sugar Association is the scientific voice of the sugar industry and has been since 1943. We represent nearly 142,000 sugar beet and cane growers, processors and refiners throughout the United States. These are the family farmers who plant, harvest and care for the sugar beets and sugar cane; the truck drivers who move the crops from the fields; the employees who work in the mills, processing plants and refineries that extract, purify and package sugar—all the people who work to get sugar from the farms to your table.

Together with our members, we work to tell real sugar’s story, particularly where it comes from and how it plays a vital role in so many foods and beverages that are part of nutritious, balanced and (not to be forgotten) enjoyable diets.

Sugar is the gold standard for sweetness, and people all over the globe have been consuming it for thousands of years. While sugar consumed in moderation is part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there is a lot of misinformation out there. That’s why we want to help you sort out the facts from the fiction and all the gray areas in between. We want to help you get to know sugar a little better. We want to empower you to make sweet yet purposeful choices so you can confidently understand the role of sugar in the diet and enjoy nature’s oldest sweetener.

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We tell sugar’s story by:

Sharing the facts

We’re here to share our knowledge of sugar to help people understand the role sugar plays in a nutritious, balanced and enjoyable diet. But that’s not all. Professionals in education, nutrition, health and food look to us as a knowledgeable resource on sugar and rely on the integrity of our information to shape dietary advice, health programs, recipe formulations and more.

Using a voice that’s grounded in science

To be a source of credible, transparent scientific information and make sure our materials and communications are grounded in the latest scientific research, we’re always reviewing new and existing research, reviews and position statements.

Supporting scientific research

Throughout our history we’ve embraced scientific research and innovation to learn as much as possible about sugar, diet and health. We work to learn more every day by transparently supporting new research that helps us understand food, nutrition and the role sugar plays in our evolving eating habits.

Advocating for evidence-based policies

We work to ensure policies are grounded in strong science, and we actively support policies that are. We participate in this process by providing public comments about proposed rules and regulations and sharing information with federal agencies about the science of sugar and health, and the multifaceted role of sugar in nutrient-dense foods and an overall balanced diet.

Supporting our proud industry

We tell the story of sugar, its people and the rich history of our proud industry. We share resources for members to use in their communities and provide updates about the latest issues facing sugar.

Our Mission

The Sugar Association is the scientific voice of the U.S. sugar industry, making a difference by responsibly supporting scientific research and sharing our knowledge to enhance consumer understanding and confidence in the role that sugar plays in a nutritious, balanced and enjoyable diet.

Our History

The Sugar Association, founded by members of the U.S. sugar industry, began in 1943 as the Sugar Research Foundation, dedicated to the scientific study of sugar’s role in food and communication of that role to the public. In 1947, the association assumed its current name.

Initially, the association had two divisions: Sugar Information, Inc. focused on public education and communication; the Sugar Research Foundation developed and supported basic and applied scientific research. The Sugar Research Foundation became the World Sugar Research Organisation, Ltd., in 1968 and is still active today.

Today, the Sugar Association represents a hybrid of the old divisions, educating and communicating about real sugar as well as supporting scientific research.

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About Us
About Us

A Proud Industry

From its earliest beginnings, growing sugar has been a family business.

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Making Life Sweeter Since 8000 BCE

Sugar is one of the world’s oldest documented commodities.

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