Fun Facts About Sugar

Just a few quick facts about our favorite sweetener

How many calories does a teaspoon of sugar have?

A teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories.

Does sugar spoil?

Sugar doesn’t spoil. It has no expiration date!

Does sugar contain preservatives?

Sugar is just sugar. It doesn’t contain preservatives or additives of any kind.

Is sugar naturally white?

Sugar is naturally white. It is simply removed from sugar beet or sugar cane plants and washed to remove the naturally present molasses and other plant materials.

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What else can sugar sweeten besides food?

Sugar is used to mask the bitter taste of medicines. It was one of the first pharmaceutical ingredients used for this purpose and still is today.

Why does low-fat chocolate milk taste like whole milk?

Sugar serves the dual purpose of increasing the thickness of the milk and enhancing the sweetness of the cocoa.

How many states in the U.S. produce sugar?

Sugar is grown and/or refined in 17 states across the U.S.

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Did you know that sugar has healing powers?

Many of the same properties that make sugar an excellent preservative also make sugar effective in wound healing. When sugar is applied to an open wound, it absorbs the wound’s moisture, which prevents the growth of bacteria. While there are records that date back to 1700 BCE, recent research has also been conducted in this area.

Fun Facts About Sugar

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